Environmental promise 


Being environmentally conscious is a large part of Tiny Leaf Terrariums, all our packaging is fully recyclable and all our vases are made from recycled glass.


We are also committed to using less paper so all our invoices are sent via email and our unpacking and care instructions are online based with a QR code on the Terrarium for easy access. 

Finally, our office is powered by green energy with OVO beyond which includes;

  • 100% carbon-neutral energy (100% renewable electricity and 15% green gas, the rest offset)

  • 5 trees planted each year, in the UK

  • Help protect natural habitats around the world

About Us


Born from a love of plants and the idea of glass gardens at Tiny Leaf Terrariums we create handmade mini eco-systems / Terrariums that are perfect to add to any house plant collection or for beginners looking to get started on their indoor jungle! Based in Leicestershire our aim is to offer high quality Terrarium at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy them. 

Each Terrarium is handcrafted with locally sourced plants that have been selected and paired to compliment each other. All our vases and bottles are made from recycled glass and we bespoke mix our soil to create a suitable substrate for the plants to thrive in. 

If you are interested in purchasing a bespoke Terrarium or have any specific plant requests drop us a message in the below contact form and we will see what we can do!

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